"Freakin' Out" out with competition!

Today is a special day for me. My new track ”Freakin’ Out” is finally out!
I don’t know why this one means so much to me. Maybe because it represent the ”new” Alex Sayz and I really want you to like it.
If there is one time you gonna buy one of my tracks it’s now. Would mean the world to me.
To make it extra fun I want to involve my supporters to participate in the official video. I want you to record a clip where you do something freaky while playing ”Freakin’ Out” in the background.
I will collect all the video clips and do a freaky music video of it.
Sounds good? It’s getting even better! One of you will win Pioneer Ergo DJ controller and a fancy watch from Desavi.
So buy the track, upload your video and hopefully the prizes are yours.

Huge love!
Do the following steps to enter the competition!
1.     Buy “Freakin’ Out” at Beatport

2. Record a video clip where you do something freaky while  “Freakin’ Out” is sounding in the bakground.

The winner will be announced in the end of July.

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