Blog off!

It seems that there is a virus in Sweden called DJ'sDon'tLikeToBlogNoMore.

I have to admit. I never liked to blog. It's not my thing. I'm really bad at writing everyday nonsense.
These girls writing about what they are wearing, who they gonna meet, what food they had... I don't get it. And people follow them like slaves.

Lately it have been extra hard to get the inspiration to write. It seems that the virus have hit my frequently blogging DJ friends too. Alex Lewerentz, Alaa and Johan Svengberg. Lately all of them have become lazy.

From now on I will update with gigs, extra fun stuff and music I like. It's not so much different than now except I'm gonna do it in my paste.

People change. I might change. I hated twitter. Now I love it.
So if you like to know what I'm doing at the moment, start following me on twitter.

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