Club Sayz - the summary

I feel a little bit empty after these 4 Club Sayz events.

These events have been so personal. It was all about me. What if I failed? What if people didn't like the concept? Well, I didn't fail and it was a big success. This was far beyond mine and the nightclub owners expectations.

I'm so happy that I have the best DJ's as my friends and they all put their heart and soul to make Club Sayz special. Club Sayz is about the energy in the DJ booth, nothing else.

All 4 events have been amazing. Although one of them was extra special, Club Sayz 3 - So Sayz Edition.
Since it was a So Sayz special I wanted to keep it close, up and personal. No other DJ friends in the booth to joke around with.  I had no shield to stand behind. It was all about me.
I'm nearly never nervous before a gig. That night I was really nervous. Could I keep the energy on the dancefloor for four hours all by myself?
I did it! I felt one with the dancefloor. There was no DJ, no dancefloor. Just one big ass party.
The nightclub had all time high visitors that night.

Without you and my dear DJ friends this would be impossible. THANK YOU!

Big up for the DJ's Alaa, John de Sohn, Alex Lamb, Alex Lewerenz, Don Tomaso, Bragmore and Musse K! 
Thank you Sibel for taking "United As One" to the next level and performing it live at Club Sayz 4.

Special thanks to nightclub Riddar Jakob for always letting me do whatever I want! There's no place like home...

Are you up for a season 2?

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