Take One - My point of view

I have to say I'm both surprised and disappointed.
As most of the Swedish House Mafia fans already know it's Christian Larson, who made almost all SHM clips and the "Leave The World Behind" music video, who directed "Take One".

As usual his cuts are phenomenal but the entire documentary felt like a 45 minute long SHM advertisement. I wanted and expected more "under the skin" documentary. More about them in the studio, on tour and as persons. Sure they had lot of clips from their gigs but it was mostly nice footage to hype them up even more.

They nice surprise was Sebastian Ingrosso. I love his sense of humor. He made the viewers bust in tears several times.

I recommend all DJ's to get them selves a copy. Maybe not to learn more about the business and SHM but to pump yourself up before a gig. "Take One" is perfect to watch before a gig with a nice drink in your hand.

Overall rating: 7/10

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