Bye bye WMC, hello Miami?

Yesterday I got email from the organization behind the Winter Music Conference in Miami.
If you been there you know the conference usually take place in end of March at the same time as the Spring break and the Ultra Festival. Meaning a crazy week for everybody. A lot of parties while making some business.

This year WMC decided to put the conference from 8th until 12th of March whilst Ultra Festival and the Spring break still is in the en of March.

Dear WMC, how the did you think now?
I know Steve Angello already planned the SIZE Matters party in the end of March. I know that this is not the only party planned with different dates than WMC. What's your goal?

Good luck with your conference. Until yesterday I was 100% sure to come visit you. But instead maybe I rather go on a "vacation" to Miami in the end of March. Like I always do.
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