Nadia Ali - Queen of Clubs Trilogy

Nadia is doing something most of the DJ's love. She's releasing compilations with her greatest hits and remixes. In some cases even brand new mixes. It will be 3 albums.
The first release is called Ruby Edition with the tracklist:

Nadia Ali - PEOPLE (Justin Michael & Kemal remix)
Nadia Ali - NOT THINKING (Green & Falkner remix)
Tocadisco & Nadia Ali - BETTER RUN (Wippenberg remix)
Schiller & Nadia Ali - TRY (Thomas Gold remix)
Nadia Ali - FINE PRINT (Serge Devant remix)
Nadia Ali - SILVER LINING (Andretta remix)
Nadia Ali - BE MINE (Noel Sanger remix)
Nadia Ali - FANTASY (Morgan Page remix)
Nadia Ali - LOVE STORY (Sultan & Ned Shepard remix)
Nadia Ali - CRASH & BURN (Dean Coleman remix)
Nadia Ali - THE ONE (Ruby edit)
Nadia Ali - REBEL (Ruby edit)
Nadia Ali - KISS YOU Ruby edit)

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