It's a wrap!

The last scene was finished around 4 in the morning.
We had to pack all the equipment, leave the stuff at the office, drive to other side of town and leave the truck and then home. I came home about 6 AM.

I have high expectations about this video. The scenes and the actors where amazing.
I hope our fantastic directors can finish the video soon. I NEED TO SEE.

Big up for the amazing team that worked around the clock all weekend.

Thank you Sibel, David, Daniel, Emelie, Robert, Jona, AnnaFia, Camilla, Oskar, Niklas B.

And all the actors, Luzy, Alex, Niclas Lundgren, Gabriella, Niclas Lij, Ida, Veronika, Johannes and Oksana. You did so much better than I ever could imagine.

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