Help me choose a name for my mix compilation

This is big news my friends. Since I started to DJ and really got into what the big DJ's are doing, one of my biggest dreams have been to release my own mix compilation.

And you know what? We are there! Wooohooo!

This was an initiativ form my label in USA and "bara ba ba baaaa I'm lovin' it"

I have a litte different way for this mix concept than my heroes.

A lot of DJ's make mixes that are nice to listen to.
My mix will reflect what I play as DJ at the moment. More energy.


I want you to be a part of this. Give me name suggestions.
Have in mind that this name is not just for one release. It has to be future safe.

The person that give me the best name will get some nice clothes from UMM clothing and a bunch of TopDJ Goodies.

Hurry Hurry!

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