Alex Sayz mixtape

My first mixtape in ages. This is the one featured on

As the icing on the cake I started the mix with my brand new "United As One".

Bescides my track you'll find some fine upcoming TopDJ Records releases.

Alex Sayz June 2010 mixset by topdjmusic

Tracklist Alex June 2010 Mixset

1. Alex Sayz feat. Sibel - United As One (Album Mix)
2. Something Good - Solence (Original Mix)
3. Kylie - All The Lovers (Michael Woods Remix)
4. Alex Lamb - Obsessive (Original Mix)
5. Alaa - Mayon (Original Mix)
6. Shiller & Nadia Ali - I Try (Thomas Gold Remix)
7. Meck feat. Dino - Feels Like A Prayer (Micheal Woods Remix)
8. Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance) (Da Fresh Boot)
9. Andy Harding - Rai Rai (Original Mix)
10. Avicii and Sebastian Drums - Even (Original Mix)
11. Alex Sayz - Shame On Me (Alex Lamb Remix)
12. Betty Bizarre - Emergency (Blacktron Remix)
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