Hate To Love at the blog

One of the biggest dance music blogs in USA called ABOUT.COM:GUIDE TO DANCE MUSIC with DJ Ron have reviewed "Hate To Love".
He was so kind to me last summer when he wrote about "Shame On Me".

This is his words:

"With WMC in full swing, it's a good time to feature Alex Sayz. The talented Swedish producer was discovered when he gave his demo to John Parker (owner of Parker Recordings) at a WMC panel. His summery debut "Shame On Me" is followed by this more rock flavored and 80s influenced song "Hate to Love." Evi Goffin, formerly of europop band Lasgo, plays the alternarock diva well with her robust voice belting out the lines and giving it a lot of emotion. She proves that she can pull off the retro-sound and we can now forget the lethargic, coma-inducing performance she did for the tragic Lasgo cover of the Thompson Twin's "Hold Me Now." Now that Evi is free from Lasgo, we hope to see her continue to explore working with other prodcuers. Just as we look forward to hear more from Alex Sayz as he continues to produce quality dance tracks and remixes."

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