Life goes on

I've been away for a while even thou I feel like I've had lot of exciting news to share with you.

The reason is that my father past away two weeks ago. I had no inspiration to sit and try to write positive stuff when life wasn't that positive. I don't like writing personal stuff here but in this case it feels ok.
My father actually is my grandfather but I grew up with my grandparents since my real parents died in a traffic accident when I was a little boy. So they always felt like my real parents.
Anyhow he was old and had a healthy and long life but can someone ever get ready to loose someone forever?
This was the night before our "Battle of the Giants" party and I found out about my fathers situation in the middle of a gig. Im glad I had some DJ friends with me that could take over.

Feeling like shit I still descided to show up at our event. My father always was feeling the best when I was working hard so it felt right to honour him by DJ my ass off.

I love my second family, the TopDJ crew. Everyone was at the "Battle of the Giants" to show their support for me. Thanks guys. You're the best.
I have my strange ways to mourn but it felt good afterwards.

Don't expect this kind of sad post in the future. Now is a lot of fun things going on.

I was in Sweden's biggest ski resort, Åre with Radio 107,5 on a promo tour last weekend. Had a mad cold but it was really fun.

This weekend we will be at Sälen ski resort. Come home sunday night re-pack and off to Miami monday morning.

tomorrow I'll tell all about the great chart news.
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