What a success!

This past saturday was beyond my wildest imaginations. What a success, what a crazy party!

We started off with a photoshoot with all the TopDJ's in a studio. So fun, so unserious gang.

The premiere of TopDJ nights was insane! The nightclub was sold out with an all time high number of visitors.
Spectre, Alex Lamb, Alaa and Andy Harding put an excellent show. People was going mad right from the start.

I had no plans to play "Shame On Me" since it is a little bit to commercial for my set but people demand it so I played it. I have never experienced anything like this. It was like everyone in the crowd was singing and screaming every word of the lyrics.

Thank you the TopDJ bunch, VJ Kenna Grünn, Riddar Jakob nightclub and off course all of our fans.

I hope this video that Alaa made shows what a great time we had.

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