TopDJ nights

This past weekend was better than I expected. In Sweden people get payed the 25th every month.
It's well known that the weekend before payday in January is the worst weekend of the year. NOBODY GOT ANY MONEY TO SPEND!
But it was good, not great but good. I was very hopeful for the gig on Grodan Sergel. It turned out good even thou I had to play a lot of commercial house to keep the crowd happy. Haha well I hope I can visit them again someday soon and show them the real Alex Sayz.

Let's leave the past behind us and look forward.

On this Saturday we have the grand premiere of our own clubconcept TopDJ nights.
It's gonna be craaaaazy! Over 300 guest confirmed already, 1000 maybes plus the 300-400 regular guest that usually show up. On a place that take 600 people.
I really hope we can fill up the place to the max.
We have a great line up with all the fantastic TopDJ DJ's. Alex Lamb, Andy Harding, Spectre, Alaa and off course yours truly will put up a massive show.

If you are somewhere on our planet. Be sure to make it to Stockholm, Sweden this Saturday.
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