Thank you!

I just want to wrap up 2009 and thank you.

It's been a crazy year and beyond my expectations. But some how it feels like this was just the beginning.
Im a very restless person. It HAS to be action everyday. Slow days gives me deppression (it's true). It's not anything I'm proud of. It's just who I am. And when I'm in it I don't see what have been going on. So I took my time and thought about 2009. That's why I haven't updated the blog for sometime.

Wow, we managed to acomplish a lot this past year! Things that I never could dream of in my wildest dreams.

We made some music during the year!
Im just gonna list released tracks from 2009

Self titled:
Fascination feat. Antonia Lucas
Shame On Me feat. Lawrence Alexander

Hani - Wait Forever
Beyoncé - If I Were A Boy (unofficial request from her publisher)
Nadia Ali - Fine Print
Kate Ryan - Babacar
Camilla Brinck feat. Mange Schmidt - KK
Cozi - Stamina
DJ Salah feat. Nova Emad - Another Dream

These are just the released production. There are at least the same amont waiting to be released.

"Shame On Me" entered the Billboard Charts and stayed there for 16 weeks peaking at #11!

- reviewed twice in DJ MAG. Once as part of Sied Van Riel's mix compilation "In Riel Time" and as the "Fascination" single. Both times with excellent comments.
- featured on Tiesto's radio show "Clublife".
Big up for Alaa that brought us the excellent remix that got the release attention in the underground scene.

My label has been growing with the same paste as I have. We released great tracks that got excellent feedback, We've been signing 4 of what I belive is Sweden's future in dancemusic, we've been working with the best writers in the world.

Thank you my colleagues in belive in me and our baby TopDJ Music!

My friends this was 2009 and just the beginning. 2010 will be a fantastic year with lots and lots of great suprises.

Another 20 days without me updating the blog.

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