A milestone...

So expected but yet so unexpected. Soooo much people showed up. Just before midnight they couldn't let more people in.
I rarely get nervous before a gig, but I think I felt it somewhere in my left toe. I was pumped to the max, eager to get on stage.
There where 4 acts before me playing their tracks in 10-15 minutes shows. The crowd was just staring. No feeling, no emotions.
I knew there where a lot of people from the business so I had to stand out. Sure I've been playing for 15 years but this party could take me where I want to go faster.
So, on with the game face and start to show. The mic was my friend this night and together we manage to get the crowd go nuts. It was AWESOME!

Got great response from people after the show. My lovely singers Johanna, Lina and Ante performed "Fascination" and "Shame On Me" live.
On top of that we had the world premiere of my upcoming single "Hate To Love" feat. Evi.

After DJ Spectre had showed his skills alone we started to play around. Spectre and Sayz back2back.

Anyhow I had a blast and hope this leads to bigger stuff.

As ending I have to say that Im really blessed that have so many people around me that have been supporting me all the way.
First off my lovely wife that never complained once that I'm never home, away every single weekend. My dear friends that follow me to the bigger gigs to show support.
Specially a night like this one I felt so much extra love.
The nightclub owner of my homeclub Riddar Jakob was there for me. Even thou he should be working on his club. Support from colleagues/friends, employees of my gym Balance.

Thank you all! With your love and support I will do my best to continue deliver top notch entertainment.

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