The gig with Kate Ryan was CRAAAZZYYY!!!
People where waiting outside the club before opening. It has never happened before.
When I arrived it was mad full inside and such a great vibe all over. People seemed to be extra party.
I just started my set and Kate's manager calls me and says: "Alex can I bring some people? I got this guy Markoolio wanna follow us". (Markoolio is a famous swedish pop act). And that guy is always party.
Markoolio gets on stage when Kate is done and starts to sing a christmas song with the crowd. People got mad crazy.
Anyhow it was sooo fun. Great crowd, great nightclub, great atmosphere. Couldn't wish for more.
Got my loyal supporter travelling 16 hours to get to this event.
Thank you Maria and Lina (the pics are theirs).

Next stop is Friday on Café Opera with Radio 107,5. See you there!

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