Back from the dead...

Saturday daytime I felt something bad was going on. I didn't feel the way I usually do.

I had been pumped up all week because of my gig at Grodan Sergel on this saturday so I was really nervous to get sick.

What happens? Well, yours truly get a massive stomach flu and the travel to hell started at 18:00 (6 pm). This was one of my worst sickness ever. I would rather break a leg or something.

And as icing on the cake I felt sooooo bad because I had to miss out my gig. I was looking forward to this one. I had arranged radio shout outs about the event. The nightclub made lot of advertisment. IM SOOO SORRY!
I hope to get a chance to play at Grodan again. I really like to make up to the promoters and offcourse all the guests. There where several people travelling from other cities just to see me.
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