Fun Radio

My friend and nowdays fully member of the TopDJ family, Spectre tipped us of about a dance radiostation called Fun Radio in Malmö, Swedens third biggest city. He called the big boss and told him about Shame On Me. And the guy says: "I've been looking for this track. I heard this on a radiostation in Holland and have been searching for it." Sick coincidence!
So he will add it and the south of Sweden will be a happier plays :)

As I mentioned earlier Stockholms no. 1 dance radiostation, Radio 107,5 is having big event at Café Opera and yours truly will pull of a banging show.
So the radiostation makes a lot of publicity for the event, plus there is a radiocampaign for the upcoming party with Kate Ryan and on that Shame On Me is on their high rotation list.
A friend of mine sits in an office and have 107,5 on daytime. He counted. He heard Alex Sayz 14 times during a day. Thank you!
I wonder what this can generate...

And don't forget to vote for Shame On Me as "the track of the year"
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