Big Parties to come..

I don't know... Since I while ago I have no inspiration to write here. Is it ok for me to be honest?
The thing is that I bought an iPhone a couple of days ago and Im sooo hooked. I haven't done anything serious in the studio for several days. Just playing with my new gadget. But I love it.
As I mentioned earlier I love Apple products and they have done it again. The question is why I wated for so long. Shame on me ;)

Anyhow there are some fun gigs closing in. In december I will DJ on an event with Kate Ryan. It will be a blast. I promise you. I'll come back with more info.

The other event is with Radio 107,5 Stockholm. I didn't wanna tell in the last post because everything wasn't set yet. Now you know.
The 11th of december we will party like crazy at Café Opera in Stockholm. Be sure to be there and be sure to vote for Shame On Me as the track of 2009!
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