Bad bad meeee!!!!

Oh my god it was long time ago. So sorry. When you're away for a couple of days and you break the daily routins everything goes to hell. Well not everything but the blogging.

Anyhow Im back safe from Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Dance Event. So much fun to meet all the gigants in the business, experience all the crazy parties and off course breath in the atmosphere of the wonderful city. Red Light District für alle! haha...
If you never been to Amsterdam be sure to visit it at the same time as ADE (if you're in to dance music).

Here with Laidback Luke and Hardwell

Other great things have been happening lately. In the past friday Tiesto played "Fascination" on his Club Life radio show! It must be every boys dream to get their tracks played by Tiesto.
Here is a clip from the show. If you want to hear the hole broadcast you can download it from iTunes.

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