Random stuff

Have been crazy lately. Feel bad for not updating the blog everyday.

But there has been som nice stuff going on.

Fascination has been out for a while but it's finally on Beatport now!

I can finally reveal a brand new Alex Sayz remix. It's for my friend in UK, Cozi.
"Stamina" is Cozi's (what I know of) first selftitled release.
She's not a newcomer thou. She has been writing for almost every major dance act out there and you might remember her from David Guetta's "Baby When The Light".

Finally a great news from my label TopDJ. Today we finished up a licensing deal. This track is sooo catchy and with several great remixes.

Im prodly presenting TopDJ's next release: Deepside Deejays - Beutiful Day. Releasedate TBA.

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