Nadia Ali in interview

Nadia Ali has been one of my all time favourite to collab with so I am very happy to have the oportunity to work with her.
I found an interview with Nadia with focus on her upcoming album "Embers".
I will paste the most important parts of the interview here and if you like to read more please visit the interview site.
Pay extra attention to the bold parts.

What is the title of the new album, can you tell us that?

The title of the alum is ‘Embers’ and I called it that because I wanted to address the fact that most of the songs that I wrote were about relationships that I’ve experienced and how they leave like tiny embers inside me still. I’m very excited about the fact that I was able to write so much of what I was feeling it was definitely therapeutic and also a really fun process working with the producers that I worked with, and the songwriter. I worked with Scott Fritz, whose also called Fritzy, he’s based out of Chicago and we wrote tones of songs and it was just a really wonderful organic process. We sat in the studio for hours and hours and we co-produced a number of the tracks on the album. I also worked with Sultan and Ned Shepard and they were wonderful, they are doing their own thing in electronic dance music but when we got into the studio we literally wrote those songs on the piano and a guitar, Sultan plays guitar and Ned plays the keyboards so it was a really fun process working with them, they are so talented. I was really pleased with the fact that they were able to produce four of the songs on the album. Lastly, I worked with a Swedish producer named Alex Sayz , he is so talented, he’s really young and he’s got all of these thing going on with this own music and when I heard his production I asked him to work on my album. He ended up doing three songs. I’m really happy with those combination of those three producers.

What are some of you favorite tracks from the album?

Personally I love all my songs but there are some that I just can’t get enough of. My favorite song on the album is probably ‘Point The Finger’ and it’s not released as a single yet, but its one of my favorites. It’s a very empowering song and it’s supposed to make you feel like maybe the person didn’t really know you and maybe they are not the person that they thought you were. I love so many of them but I especially love ‘Fantasy’ which is actually a ballad on the album it’s a really beautiful song, I wanted to have a variety on my album, I didn’t want it to be a typical dance record, so I went a little experimental.

Point The Finger is one of the 3 tracks Nadia mentions earlier on ;)

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