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As I promised yesterday, here is the interview from Record Union.

Interview with Alex Sayz
Taken from Record Union

Since he started as a DJ 14 years ago, Alex Sayz has relentlessly devoted himself to his music. Arranging events from a young age, he is a 2000 gig veteran and has made the dance floor crucial to his own artistic survival. Now producer and co-creator (with Niklas Bergwall) of Top DJ Records, he is using his reputation as an innovative world class DJ to create and produce cutting edge music which is causing havoc on dance floors around the world. His last release “Shame on You” (feat. Lawrence Alexander) recently reached #16 on the Billboard dance airplay chart. Record Union caught up with Alex and talked to him about his current projects.

For those who don’t know about Top DJ records, can you tell us a little about what you are up to over there?
TopDJ Records is part of TopDJ Music Sweden where we also have TopDJ publishing and TopDJ management. Me and my colleague started TopDJ Music because we wanted to control our releases. We don’t want to blame anyone else if we don’t success. Since Im first of all a DJ everything we do have to be for the dancefloor. When we sign artists or when we produce music we only have to ask us a simple question: would I play this out on the nightclubs?

Your release “Shame on Me” recently achieved #16 on the Billboard dance air charts. Was this success expected?
No I couldn’t expect any Billboard chart in my dreams. Everything took off when I visited the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year. I handed out some demo CD’s and received some calls when I got back home. Some major labels and some minor. I fell for a label called Parker Recordings. Mr. Parker is well known in the business and previously released acts like Lasgo and Ian van Dahl for a bigger label. I had a feeling that Parker Recordings would work hardest for “Shame On Me” so we chose them. Luckily it paid off.
Indeed it did! You are based in Stockholm, is the dance/electronic scene strong there?
We have lots of fantastic DJ and producers but unfortunately everyone is leaving the country for the “big money”. It’s crazy that little Sweden have so many talented producers in the dance music scene. The dance music is so big in the world now and you see the trends even in Sweden. Nowadays you can read big articles about DJ’s in every newspaper. Let’s keep it growing. Stockholm is not the ultimate city if you want big smashing nightclubs. Don’t get me wrong. There are places to party but it could be better.

Any upcoming releases we should watch out for?
So excited about future releases. Great tracks with well known singers like Evi goffin (ex. Lasgo), Alexandra Prince (Gadjo - So Many Times) and more. I have a big collaboration coming up in the beginning of 2010. Unfortunally I can’t tell so much more about it but it’s gonna be huge. Except my own tracks we are going to release some kick ass stuff with The TopDJ Family. The TopDJ Family is a trio including me, Nick Wahlberg and Andy Harding. Be afraid…

Where can we see you perform?!
Im negotiating with some DJ booking agencies right now. I hope to get more gigs abroad. Im involved in a nightclub in Stockholm called Riddar Jakob. I love playing there. Always packed with people, shouting and screaming. It’s crazy. It’s almost like St. tropez.
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