Fascination on Sied Van Riels mix compilation

Got an update today from one of my favourite DJ's, Sied Van Riel. He's releasing his first CD and Fascination will be the opening track for the album "In Riel Time".

Here is a letter from the man taken from facebook. See the tracklist in the end.

"So .. In Riel Time shall be released this month and I am very excited.It's my first mix compilation ever and I'll tell you that it was an amazing experience to compile it.I just heard it's already chosen as Compilation of the Month by a big magazine so damnit boys and girls how lucky am I.My taste in music goes all over the place, weather it be vocal housy proggy trancyor uplifting or just full on tech trance.. and even minimal tech or plain techno ..as long as it has feeling and or balls.Finding the right balance between new releases, un-released tracks and older tracks wasa headache for me.

I had a vision in my mind of how i wanted the cd's to sound like and thenfinding the tracks I needed was something else. For me it's about creating the right vibe using tracks instead of finding as much exclusive tracks just to make a statement... you can have as many exclusives as you want, but if they don't create a decent vibe together it's worth nothing if you ask me.That's probably why it was a bitch selecting tracks.

Some labels didn't want tracks on the compilationbecause they where still exclusive to the top djs,other labels just didn't answer... some producers / labels where just late and some I just didn't like.But I think I have found a good balance now. Sure the cd's has tracks that are already out therebut those tracks rock ass in my opinion. It's the same as how it went down in the good old days with vinyl.

You heard a promo and had to wait 3 or 4 months if not longer before it came out on vinyl then the track was old but you'd play itand as much as you could because you finaly had the chance too. The same goes for this compilation.

This compilation is my pride !Dakota, chinook for instance... I already knew i was going to use that track since I first played it at ASOT400 in Rotterdam.

This track is justone of the best tracks i've heard in a very long time when it comes to the more progressive sounds and to be honest that whole album rocks!Some producers like Jan Oostdyk gave me an exclusive track as I love his style and the stuff that he does, same goes for Nellie Recordings...Alaa and Audible are amongst my fav producers of the past year .. it's a small lable but they push out good stuff and helped me out giving me an exclusiveof Claes Rosen.. when I heard it I was like, hell yeah !! using this.

Certain labels gave me a few very very very awesome unreleased tracks and luckily I was able to use them on thiscompilation. So with that in mind punters who chase exclusive stuff 24/7 369,5 days a year.... yes thy shall also be served.

Anyhoooo, this is like a new step for me personaly in 2009.Things have been going through the roof this year already and In Riel Time is the icing on the cake for me so far.I hope you will enjoy as much as i did making it and believe me.. It will be played at b-days and bbq's at my house...screw my friends I will force them to listen to it .. It's my first cd so i'm like a kid in a candy store at the moment.

Enjoy ur summer or what is left it and for the people on the southern hemisphere.. bring out ur ski's.See you all around



1 Alex Says ft Antonia Lucas- Fascination ( Alaa Remix )

2 Paul Rigel – Orion

3 Oryon - Rocket Science

4 Dash Berlin with Cerf, Matiska & Jaren - Man on the run ( nic chagall remix )

5 Dakota - Chinook ( original mix )

6 Sander van Doorn presents Purple Haze - Bliksem

7 Mac & mac – Solid Sessions ( first state remix )

8 Daniel Wanrooy & Rene Havelaar - B52

9 Ron van den Beuken - Timeless 2009 remixes ( ron van den beuken & maarten de jong edit )10 Robert Gitelman - Rockless ( jan oostdyk remix )

11 Sied van Riel - Mongoosed

12 Jordan Suckley - The Storm!

13 Ummet Ozcan vs W&W – Synergy

14 Covat Since - Space Cow ( exit remix )

CD 2

1 Claes Rosen - Genuine

2 Masoud featuring Josie - Leave it all behind

3 Whelan & Di Scala - Cuba

4 Atlantic drift - Love Will Find A New Day ( Dean Fichna Dub )

5 Radion 6 - Ultra Disco

6 Simmons & Blanc - Something About You

7 Breakfast - Air Guitar

8 Sied van Riel - M.M.E.

9 Jan Oostdyk - Eivassa

10 Dave 202 - Departure

11 Dj Ram - Call It A Night

12 Mark Sixma & Willem van Hanegem - Terminal 67

13 Ferry Corsten Feat. Maria Nayler- We Belong ( tritonal air up there remix )"
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