Music and new gear.

As I have been writing earlier Im a huge Apple fan. They make nice looking gears with outstanding performance. Sometime other companies grabs that spirit and live by it. If you´re in the music business you probably know that Apogee makes top notch products and their audio interfaces (only for Mac) are famous for their high sound quality. Apogee has been every poor guys wet dream. Quality cost and not everyone can afford that, until now.
Apogee releases the "Apogee One". A simple audio interface for your macbook with a built in microphone, mic-preamp and inserts for mic or instruments. All of this with excellent sound quality for only $249 USD (2995 SEK). "Apogee One" should be out on the market in the end of July. Im gonna try to get my hands on one and give you a full review.

This is a great track that is about to get huge in the world. Remember were you heard it first.

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