USA and charts and english!

I got some request to start writing the blog in english so Im gonna try to do so. Scary!
Well, some stuff I have to write in swedish if it has to do with Sweden. Or else we're going international ;)

I got some great news. My upcoming release "Shame On Me" went out on promotion last week in Sweden. I got lot of lovely mails about it. And as icing on the cake it went straight into Swedish Dance Chart at 21:st place. As the next best upcomer, fighting with a lot of great names.
So excited about it.

I've been keeping a secret for a while now. I met some great people when I was at the Miami winter conference this year and I was smart enough to give cd's to everyone I met.
Some times later I received a mail with the message:

"Hi Alex,We met at WMC when I was on the marketing panel. I just finished listening to all the cd's from that trip and sadly yours was the very last one in the bunch. But my ears certainly came to life once the music started. I think your extremely talented and love pretty much all the songs on the disc. My 2 favorites are "Shame On Me" and "Hate to Love" with Evi (who I signed in America when she was with Lasgo). Are there any plans to release these yet in America? In not, it's something I'd like to talk to you about"

We talk and we talk and there was a lot of negotiation. But finally it's done. We signed the deal yesterday and Im ready to take over the mighty USA. Feels awesome. Specially since I know the guy who signed me and what he's capable of.

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