Gear and stuff.

A lot of people has asked me what gear I use when I produce and when I´m DJ. So for you guys I'm gonna start writing about my equipment and also try to review software, hardware and offcourse DJ gears. Sound good?

The heart of our productions is Apples fantastic DAW "Logic Studio". I just love Apple and everything they do. This is not a Apple proganda. It's just that what they do works for me.
I've been using Logic since I started producing but 2,5 years ago I got a crazy idea to work on a PC and had to choose a different DAW since Logic only works on Apple computers. So I bought Cubase and started to work. For 7 month I couldn't finish up one track! I tried and tried but it was impossible.

Then the day came that Logic released the version 8 of the software. I read about it and was sold only by the specs. So I bought a Macbook and Logic Studio and started off. Wow what a difference.

Im sure that Cubase, ProTools or whatever people use is as good as logic. You just have to try and see wich one suits you.

Everything we've done until 2 months ago was made om my small Macbook. Fascination, Shame On Me, lots of tracks that I haven't put out yet and all the remixes we've done so far.

So all you guys thinking about starting to make music but think it´s expensive, don´t wait. It´s not always about the gear. The idea and your creativity is far more important.
I know lot of great producers work on FL Studio (that people in the business used to call DAW for kids).

It´s now, 2 years later we bought a Macbook Pro for me on the road and a iMac in the studio.

Soon I will also write about the softsynths and FX we use.
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