Fascination reviewed!

I got a mail that Fascination been reviewed in the well known music site 365Mag.
The site is well known for its quality interviews and reviews. Paul Oakenfold wrote in an interview that whenever he gets the chanse to surf around he visits 365Mag.

Anyhow this is fantastic news. We got 9/10. That´s awesome! Here is the content.

" If you are a lover of great female vocals like I am, then Fascination by Alex Sayz will definitely fascinate you! Alex Sayz delivers a top notch quality package with this single release featuring the catchy vocals of United Kingdom's Antonia Lucas.
Eight remixes are offered with this release from TopDJ Records, a label from Sweden that Alex himself established in order to introduce a quality that says Alex Sayz. The extended and radio edit of the single have elements that are reminiscent of DJ Yahel. Such sounds in combination with a vocalist like Antonia Lucas create a true hit. The Andy Harding Remix starts out with a sound that is comparable to Robert Miles and then turns into more of an electro style. Jospac Chill Remix confirms the completeness of this single release as even a chill remix is offered.
However, the real winner from this package is the Alaa Remix because it manages to highlight, dramatize, and combine the vocals of Antonia Lucas with well fitting sound production. The Alaa Remix is a track for all DJ's out there who want a hot vocal club track out on the dance floor. I give this single a full 10 for the high quality vocals, production, and great remix selection of 8 tracks."

And the great Alaa remix..

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